Kid’s Box 6 Pupil’s Book + Activity Book +CD

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Kid’s Box 6 Pupil’s Book + Activity Book +CD

Kid’s Box is bursting with bright Ideas to inspire you and your Pupils


This six-level course gives children a confident start to learning English, and makes lessons a joy for teachers. Perfect for general use, kid’s Box also fully covers the syllabus of the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) tests


In the Pupil’s Book


Fantastic songs and adventure stories practice new language


‘Say it right’ sections make pronunciation practice fun


Topics sections in every unit give pupils an opportunity to learn other subjects through English


Strong skills focus enriches language learning

مشخصات فنی Kid’s Box 6 Pupil’s Book + Activity Book +CD

نویسنده : Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson
ناشر : Cambridge
زبان کتاب : انگلیسی
جلد کتاب : شومیز
تعداد جلد : 2
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