Barrons IELTS Strategies and Tips 2nd+CD

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Barrons IELTS Strategies and Tips 2nd+CD

Getting a high score on the IELTS begins with a plan. This book offers test-takers a range of strategies for choosing the best methods for answering questions, along with useful tips that help them make choices quickly and efficiently. Together, these tips and strategies will give prospective test-takers a plan for success on each module of the exam--Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Practice questions with fully explained answers and an MP3 CD add to the benefits of this unique test guide.

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نویسنده : Dr. Lin Lougheed
ناشر : انتشارات Barron's
تاریخ چاپ : 1395
شابک : 9781438076409
نوبت چاپ : اول
قطع کتاب : رحلی
تعداد صفحات : 296
زبان کتاب : انگلیسی
قیمت : 25000 تومان
جلد کتاب : شومیز
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